Keeping the two watchers in sight the spoke of the internary for the afternoon knowing as they spoke in English for the watchers sake, and that they were listening to every word. Piotrek suggested they return to the Hotel with the boat, and then they should take one of the short cruises around the island in a real life Gulet. Kasia lazily agreed like it was of little interest to her but agreed never the less. So returning to the hotel Kasia and Piotrek made a short refreshing shower and a change of clothes before coming out in the afternoon sun, both of them sported wide brim hats Piotrek’s being of the fedora variety much loved in that area, and of course Kasia was not to be out done, dressed all in white the colour chosen for its reflective properties that would help Kasia remain cool even in that hot afternoon sun. The pair marched arm in arm out of the hotel and headed off strolling towards the harbour in general. With near perfect timing Kasia and Piotrek arrived at the harbour just before a Gulet was set to go off around the few nearby islands on a short afternoon tour. The timing of the tour would make it near perfect for Kasia and Piotrek to return to the café in the side street and hopefully meet with the young woman again. Makin their way on-board the Gulet just before sailing was perfect the two would be followers would now have to give their hand away by rushing forward and buying tickets to board or sitting and watching them disappear for the afternoon, as it turned out the latter was true, they sat at the far end of the dock just conspicuous enough to be noticeable, Kasia gaily remarked that if they were caught it wouldn’t be because of the actions of the two goons that were following them. Piotrek didn’t seem much amused and turned solemnly to Kasia and said “be careful mortal, pride goes before a fall” saying no more Piotrek sat back and began to enjoy the afternoon run on the boat seated as they were under an awning with the cool sea breeze all around them, Kasia had sat back dutifully chastised and rethought her words, thinking now he thinks me a fool and above myself, Kasia could have kicked herself. Piotrek had spotted the heavier set of the two goons with a mobile phone to his ear, presumably getting instructions on what to do regarding them, as the Gulet backed away from the pier Piotrek watched as the pair on the jetty made their way to a harbour side café, again Piotrek presumed they had settled down to await the return of the Gulet. Having changed into a swimming costume at the hotel Kasia took advantage of the short stop the Gulet had made for to serve refreshments to its passengers, diving into the crystal clear Mediterranean Riviera waters, it had been both enjoyable and refreshing to have the quick swim, after drying off and dressing Kasia and Piotrek sat making plans about what to do in the eventuality it was the girl they were looking for at the café, satisfied the had covered all eventualities they sat back with non-alcoholic drinks and enjoyed the ride home. Uneventful and calm as the seas had been Piotrek was glad to be back on dry land for sure he was no sailor where Kasia had enjoyed the few little bits of turbulence out on the open waters, she had quickly gained her sea legs. It was Kasia that had first spotted the pair of followers one had been sitting at the end of the main pier and entrance to the harbour, watching for the Gulet’s return, but they had rounded the headland so quick the first watcher had nowhere to hide and he wasn’t going to try to give himself away by running off the pier, the second character took a minute to find among the dockside people milling around, he had moved a little way away from the café they had been sitting at when the Gulet had left, but now he stood out from the crowd like a sore thumb, Kasia looked away after a casual glance towards him. “Let’s take them on a little tour before going to the café” suggested Kasia, so they rambled this way and that with no set direction but all the time getting closer to the café they had met the young girl from over the wall at. Coming back to the main waterfront byway Piotrek stopped and took out a pocket sized tourist map of the town and began pointing up towards the Castle on the hill overlooking the harbour, a relic from the crusader invasions of long ago.

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