The older woman waved from her position in the doorway at the top of the steps and inclined her head slightly, then just as quick disappeared in the door closing it once again. As the young girl turned to follow the older woman she stooped and said “If the couple returned in the later afternoon she would come and join them for a coffee”, once more turning to Piotrek she said “and don’t be so mean to your young wife treat her to some nice gifts” running up the steps she was giggling as she run in the door to the rear of the house. Kasia turned to Piotrek and in English said pay heed to good advice husband and smiled at him, they drank their coffee paid and sauntered off down the narrow alleyway the coffee shop was located in, as she went Kasia remarked to Piotrek in English “what a lovely young girl” Piotrek shrugged his shoulders and replied “it would appear she has just cost me a lot of money in shopping” but all the time smiling at his ‘wife’. Out of hearing range of the house Kasia spoke in Polish again to Piotrek “well what’s your opinion of that?” Piotrek was a bit bemused “The words confused come to mind” said Piotrek. “She doesn’t appear to be under any duress she was quite happy and cheerful I thought. The only difference as she explains is that she met the partner here and not abroad in Athens”. Kasia went on to explain she had a completely different opinion, as she had been the one closest to her and had done most of the interaction she thought the girl was under duress, Kasia was extremely good at reading people even if she couldn’t see their face or body, something she had never been taught at the training school it had been natural with her for her whole life, she rarely misread people. Kasia couldn’t put it into words or even put her finger on what it was that the girl had said to give Kasia this thought but she was positive she was right on the money.
Quite unexpectedly Piotrek reached out and put his arm around Kasia just like a couple in love perhaps on a second honeymoon with an afterglow of love about them, the action did not displease Kasia and she presumed Piotrek was doing it as his bit in the cover story. As close as she was now Kasia could smell the manliness musky odour from Piotrek and she had to fight her emotions to stay in control and not let herself be carried away by it all, but God she admitted it was difficult having been without a mate for so long. Sensibility suddenly cut in, Piotrek wasn’t being in the least romantic he had spotted something and this was his way of warning her. Again speaking Polish and quickly she asked “what’s the problem?” There were still quite a few people around at his time of the day considering they were still in the old part of the town, with its gaudy displays and mostly shoddy gifts and knock replicas. All of a sudden Piotrek pulled her by the hand towards an extremely old looking shop with what appeared to Kasia as a lot of junk in the window, but Piotrek gasped, “Kasia look at these magnificent sailing craft, each one hand built I bet”, Kasia feigned interest typical of a woman shopping with her husband at any shop that didn’t carry a selection of women’s clothes. But Kasia was aware that Piotrek had stopped for a reason other than the handmade boats in the window. Piotrek began enthusing about it being a turn of the century Turkish Gulet, and how it was a two masted version, Kasia took out her make up mirror in boredom and began applying her make up as women are wont to do, it didn’t take her long to spot the pair of felons following her and Piotrek. Piotrek pointed out another sailing boat higher up in the window and began explaining how he could build a fantastic case for it to display back in Warsaw at their home, taking Kasia by the hand they entered the shop making sure not to turn around as the pair following them walked on past, Kasia remarked “not too good at tradecraft are they”? Piotrek smiled and broke into English and began haggling with the owner over a fair price for the Gulet in the bottom of the window. The deal done the pair left he shop with Piotrek rambling on about how he had dealt the owner down from his original price and what a find the boat was. It truly sounded like a typical tourist couple he finding something that interested him other than wandering around clothes shops all day.

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