The rest of the journey passed quickly after a mid-day meal stop in Usak a town about two thirds of the way to Cesme from Istanbul. It had been a ten hour journey by car on Turkish roads and Kasia had been more than happy with the meal stop, and had used quite a bit of it to freshen up after sitting in the car even with the air conditioning blowing for all it was worth. Eventually they reached the five star Hotel Altin Yunus. After check in both of them dropped off to sleep, only Piotrek woke later to make a check in with the Istanbul office as per instructions. The next morning after a beautiful breakfast on the hotels balcony overlooking the Mediterranean, they set off sightseeing around Cesme, they found a small café in a narrow side street and sat down to have a mid-morning break from their travels and gift buying like any tourist would. Which was just co-incidentally 50 metres away from the front door of the house they wanted to survey. “I doubt very much they have ‘Ears’ in the street, but we can only sit here so long before we become more than coffee tourists” Kasia stood up pulling out of her handbag a sheer scarf she had purchased from a street vendor on the way to the café. She started describing the various features of the house to Piotrek in Polish as she was sure no one would know what they were talking about, and Piotrek’s photographic memory would recall every detail Kasia described to him, to anyone watching from across the street at the house it would appear she was no more than showing off her pride in her new purchase to her husband. This had been the best vantage point they could manage under the circumstances, and so far it had paid off, Kasia had spotted two ‘names’ going into the house. Without actually naming them she told Piotrek who they were, one of the pair was a real catch as he was believed to be the number two to Kasim himself, his name was Mutlu Kasia recalled. A particularly vicious character with a knife when it came to being Kasim’s enforcer. Kasia had hoped to catch sight of a female coming or going from the property, but so far no luck. Where the couple had chosen to sit faced the rear of the home across the road, and Piotrek was seated in a better position to see this side of the property. He gently tapped Kasia on the foot to indicate something was happening in the rear, a door opened and a female came out carrying a basket with clothes to the small courtyard, but Piotrek couldn’t identify her as she was covered head to foot in a Burka, the typical female Islamic dress, In Polish Kasia verbally launched into Piotrek, “What’s wrong with my new scarf?” just as Kasia had finished her tirade a swarthy heavy set male came to the back door, in near perfect English he spoke to the girl informing her he was leaving for a short time with his two friends that had arrived. The girl replied in English but studied with an accent, “I will have lunch ready for you when you return my darling, between one and two o’clock” The face smiled and said dziekuje kochanie, and then disappeared from the door as it closed, When the man had gone the female stopped her chores to watch the couple and listen to what Kasia was saying. The banter between the couple was obviously good humoured and the husband was just as obviously teasing the woman who stood opposite him, Kasia nearly choked when the young girl judging from her voice spoke perfect Polish, “let the lady enjoy her purchase, after all you did pay for it didn’t you?” This was aimed at Piotrek. Apparently stunned the couple turned towards the girl leaning over the wall. It was Kasia that spoke, “Oh my God you speak Polish?” as much a question as a statement of fact. As Kasia gave the girl a brimming smile, The girl said she had met a local guy while on holiday and he had convinced her to stay and take up her studies here, and she had taken an interest in the Islamic religion after having spoken at some length with her man’s family, so she had begun her studies into the Qur’an and as they could see she had also adopted Islamic the dress code for a female. Kasia the more talkative of the two tried to keep the conversation going in the vain hope the young girl would lift her veil and show her face so they could confirm it was actually Beata they were speaking to. But just as suddenly as before the back door opened and an older woman poked her head out speaking to the girl in broken English, “have you finished your chores yet?” the young girl bowed her head slightly and replied she hadn’t, but just as quick she introduced the couple beyond the wall as Polish and explained to Kasia and Piotrek that this was her partners mother

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