Happy that Magic was in the personal care of Kinga Bronski, Kasia’s mind was a little more settled as she headed for Modlin Airport and her first flight to Bulgaria, then a change and fly on to Istanbul where she would begin her mission for real.
Kasia had never really cared for the Bulgarian’s she had met while on active duty they seemed brutish and overbearing, but the contact Bronski had supplied was nothing like what she was used to, he seemed quite sophisticated and to enhance matters he was quite good looking, her amorous thought s died as they drove to a safe house in the capital Sophia, Genu told Kasia he was not too happy at having to spend the night away from his wife and their new daughter, but work was work and he would fulfil his job as best he could.
Kasia could hardly sleep, thinking as she was about how to broach the subject of Muslim jihadists with her best contact in Istanbul, Hakan had many resources and best of all was the trade he dealt in. Diamonds, he was the main buyer seller in Turkey, and all sides knew he regularly dealt with the less unseemly elements of society, but he had a trade of. This was information about many people and many things that were happening worldwide, of course it was more valuable than the diamond’s themselves to the right buyer. But as Kasia well knew it worked both ways for and against government’s.
Landing early morning in Ataturk airport, Hakans chauffer Mehmet who she remembered well was there to meet Kasia from the arrival terminal. “Good morning miss I am to take you to Taras Yazlik, where Mr Hakan is currently residing owing to a recent and tragic misfortune with his other home on the Bosporus. “ With that Kasia entered the car and relaxed on the one hour drive to Taras Yazlik. Hakan was a well-built stocky man he and Kasia had met many years before when Kasia had to take refuge in his town centre shop trying to avoid a pair of western European agents tracking her movements. Hakan had sized the situation up in a moment and as Kasia was such a good looking girl and he had no idea who was tracking her or for what reason they were indeed following her his sympathies went to her. Kasia spent nearly a week as the guest of Hakan in his home just outside Istanbul, she recalled it as a most pleasant memory, and she had been waited on hand and foot by both Hakan himself and his staff at the house. A strange relationship had grown between them more than friends but less than lovers. But each had their own secrets to hold and realised neither could live in the others world. Now Kasia was returning to Hakan after an absence of 6 years, how would the relationship stand up? Would he help? Could he help? Kashia’s mind was in turmoil what could she do? At this point in time she had no actual plan, mainly because she was going in blind, she didn’t know the full extent of the girls involvement with the group nor whether or not she had in fact developed a relationship with her captors, so many variable’s to be accounted for and none of them known yet, the old adage came to her and had served well in the past” Play it by ear, run with the hounds”
Kasia arrived at the villa, as she got out of the limo Hakan came from the house to meet her hands outstretched before him and smiling. Kasia never noticed the shadowy figure at the bell tower window high above, the figure stayed cast in shadow high above watching carefully the by play between Kasia and Hakan. Entering the hallway of the magnificent house Kasia was surprised at the splendour of it all, “it’s not like you to be so ostentatious” remarked Kasia. Sitting on the veranda at the rear of the villa both Kasia and Hakan were savouring the chilled fruit cocktails the waiter had served them. “Ok Kasia what’s the reason you’re here? You’re looking for something and I don’t think it’s just to see me”. Kasia smiled your right of course, I need information, but you have spoiled the whole plan now”. Kasia sat back with a teasing smile on her lips as she let the short dress she was wearing ride up her thigh slightly. “I had planned to seduce you later and afterwards with a little pillow talk tease the information out of you” laughing Kasia stood up walked over to Hakan taking his head in both her hands and kissed him lightly on the lips, “now see what you missed “ she purred quietly in his ear. Hakan gave out a roar with laughter that surprised and stunned Kasia. “How I dreamed of having you in my bed Kasia, since that first day you walked into my shop. But I have more sense than to think it would ever happen, I know you a lot better than you think, so out with it lets get down to business. What are you really looking for”? Kasia looked warily at Hakan, somehow he knew already why she was here. “I’m looking for a lost tourist” she replied “ an old friends daughter came here on holiday and went missing, my friend is long time retired from the service and asked me if I could look into it for him, probably caught up in one of those notorious drug gangs and raped I imagine, and I know you have contacts and might be able to steer me towards her” Hakan sat further back in the chair appraising Kasia with one of his stares, the very type of stare Kasia had become weary of, the one that seemed to say you have just lied to me. Kasia had to brazen it out and stared just as hard back at him, Hakan broke into laughter again, “so it’s nothing then to do with the head of the directorates daughter being kidnapped by a fanatical Muslim terrorist group that are trying to blackmail her father”? Kasia shouldn’t have shown the surprise that was written all over her face, but she couldn’t help blurting out, “how in hell did you know”? Smiling Hakan nodded to one of his security team that were always present. “I think you should meet my other house guest Kasia”. Standing where she was with the sun in her face she couldn’t see into the shadow of the doorway, the shadow emerging from the doorway was obviously a male, from what she could see he was quite tall and well built, hmmm someone that works out and keeps himself in good shape thought Kasia. If Kasia had been surprised before then now she was totally flabbergasted, directly in front of her now was Piotrek! Kasia couldn’t contain her surprise “Piotrek what in the name of god are you doing here”?

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