Then moving on to the main course Apáki a beautifully prepared dish of lean pork marinated in vinegar, then smoked with aromatic herbs and shrubs, and packed in salt. Kasia was beside herself as always Kevin had won his way to her heart through her stomach, it was all too much for her, “enough Kevin I couldn’t eat another thing, no not even the Karydopita,” this was a cake of crushed walnuts, soaked in syrup. Agreeing to disagree he got up came round the table to Kasia and helped her leave the table removing her chair as he did, dashing and a gentleman as always thought Kasia to herself, but that was Kevin’s winning way with the ladies it was how he had caught her the first time she remembered, “The concierge has told me there is a beautiful walk across the cliff path to a vantage point overlooking the islands I thought you might like a stroll that way, just to walk off the meal I mean”, The pair set of at a moderate pace up the steps leading to the old and somewhat worn path along the cliff edge. They had rounded a bend when Kasia leading had stepped towards the cliff edge calling to Kevin “look at the moon, isn’t it beautiful so full and round and bright” Kevin said nothing but stepped forward grabbing Kasia by the arm and pulling her roughly away from the edge, just as a piece of ground that had been under her foot gave way and slipped down into the water far below. Kevin worried about Kasia so near the edge had pulled harder than he thought and stumbled back onto the path at the same time catching his foot on a half-buried rock. Falling backwards and pulling Kasia down on top of him as he went, even then letting her fall on top of him rather than risk her hurting herself in the fall. Lying atop of Kevin she could feel his breath on her exposed neck, hot and moist she was overcome with breathlessness, Kevin lay there making no attempt at getting up and as Kasia turned her head towards him her lips all but brushing his as they stared into each other eyes, it seemed to Kasia she was sinking in a sea of warm comforting water her emotions were rising up and flooding over her, her lions were heating up in a way they hadn’t for many years. Kevin gently placed one of his arms around the back of her head and pulling her down to meet his lips by the last few centimetres, as Kasia tasted Kevin’s lips on her for the first time in years she gave in and succumbed to her feelings, they lay there kissing for the longest time. It was Kasia that eventually gave in and gently sat up and began undressing claiming she didn’t want to spoil her nice new dress, Kevin’s smile was golden in the moonlight, he watched as Kasia freed her perfect breasts and reached up tenderly to touch them gently caressing them, Kasia was silhouetted and outlined in the moonrise behind her. Kevin was mesmerised as she dropped her dress and the nearly panties she was wearing, sitting up now still cupping her breasts in both his hands Kevin began to make up for lost time and stripped hurriedly to catch up with the now naked Kasia. Lying back down Kasia now underneath Kevin and gently massaging his manhood, Kasia guided him to her “little cave of love” as Kevin had always called it. Slowly they made love in the moonlight no haste or frantic groping, just gentle and slow. Lying in each other’s arms Kasia felt an afterglow and looked at Kevin’s face the smile of satisfaction told her all she needed to know. Lying there in Kevin’s enfolded arms Kasia felt safe from the world and all its perils, easing herself down his prone body a little, she began fondling Kevin arousing him yet again, all the time watching his face contort in ecstasy, then covering his chest in kisses and her hands wantonly wandering all over him Kasia sat astride Kevin, holding his manhood in her hand she was carefully manoeuvring into position and then just as suddenly began thrusting him deeply inside her, causing her own body to arc back and away from him, she let out a cry from deep within her that had seemed to come from her very soul. Their passion spent and collapsing down together they relaxed and let the feelings of their simultaneous orgasm flood over them. It was Kevin that roused first, “we have left Beata to long on her own said”, Kevin dressing as he spoke, Kasia felt a little guilty at leaving the girl unattended and unguarded.

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