As Kevin was the only one with any paper identification Kasia left it to him to organise and hire a car to take them to Athens and the regional office, there she could hand Beata over to Bronski’s operatives who would take care of her and return her home to her family in Warsaw. As it would soon turn out, things were not going to be so simple much to Kasia’s dismay. Thinking ahead Kasia asked Kevin to find a local hotel and suggested they stay there for the night. Arriving at the cliff top hotel Kevin pulled his tote bag from the boot of the hired car, it was an old Mercedes diesel and when it had reached halfway up the hill towards the hotel so much smoke was pouring from the exhaust that it completely wiped out any sign of the road behind. Entering the hotel the party approached the reception desk. The manager a fat short man with what Kasia thought was the most terrible moustache she had ever seen. “Ah hello Mr Smith, I was correct in guessing the make-up of you party, I have put your beautiful daughter in a single room and given you and your lovely wife the best connecting double room next door.” Kevin was just about to object when Kasia tugged at his arm, sensing more than seeing that Beata was happy about the room allocation she whispered to Kevin “let it go.” Following the manager they made their way to the rooms, Beata was exhausted both physically and mentally, at this she cried off going for something to eat, Kevin warned her to keep her door locked at all time and open it only to either him or Kasia and then only after they had given the prearranged code word. Kasia headed for the shower and a clean-up. Both had cleaned up well and Kevin suggested to Kasia she take his card and go see what the hotels boutique held in the way of ladies garments for her, skipping off very quickly Kasia headed downstairs and shopping always something to distract a lady with a problem. Kevin was his usual fastidious self when it came to his personal hygiene. Kasia had returned from shopping and could hear Kevin humming a little Irish ditty she knew so well from him, slipping out of her dress and changing from the skin out she was just fumbling with the rear zipper on the dress when Kevin left the bathroom, nothing but a towel wrapped around him he gave a long slow whistle as Kasia pirouetted in front of him. “Let’s go eat and perhaps a short walk before bed to settle our digestion down,” suggested Kevin. Kasia had to turn away as she mumbled “yes a good idea”, Kasia had felt her face began to redden and couldn’t understand why, as lovers they had seen each other naked before, but now Kasia could feel butterflies in her stomach, she dismissed it as hunger pains but knew better. Having eaten a hearty meal and Kevin as always had ordered for both of them, starting with Orektiko as an appetizer.

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