Some sixth sense warned Kasim to look up just as the stranger poked his head above the hill top, Kasim let fly a barrage of shots in his direction causing the stranger to duck back behind the cover of the hill, “ok that’s how you want to play then catch this” the stranger lobbed a small seemingly innocuous object at Kasim’s position below. Having seen the stranger above him and feeling outflanked by him Kasim made a decision to retreat towards the boats and make good his mistake at coming on without proper support. His retreat saved his life as the object a deadly ex-Russian anti-personnel fragmentation grenade exploded just 20 metres behind him, even at that distance he was bowled over but quickly recovered and ran around the small headland out of sight of both Kasia and the stranger. Making good his lucky escape Kasim set off in the speedboat knowing he had little fuel and hoping the group would be more interested in escape than following him. In this alone he was correct at the moment, the stranger stood out on the top of the hill and called down to Kasia by name. Taken aback Kasia peered around the rock she was shielded behind and asked “who are you? And who do you work for”? The stranger stood up and slowly came down the hill carrying weapons in his hand, a large non automatic rifle and a hand gun in his other hand but both were held out clearly for Kasia to see. “I mean you no harm, I have been your guardian angel as it were” the stranger went on to explain the alleyway and Hassan and then the run out to sea to find the group, and watch them from distance to see they made it to Greece safely. Kasia not fully convinced of his words though somewhat mollified that he had interceded and saved both her and Beata’s life on the harbour, she revealed herself but keeping her gun levelled on the stranger she was still dubious about him. “If you two ladies would accompany me over the island we can board my helicopter and I will deliver you safely to mainland Greece” said the stranger. “And who exactly are you that you should make such an offer and who do you actually work for “countered Kasia. The stranger stood smiling and removed his sunglasses and wide brimmed hat that had been covering most of his head, looking directly into Kasia’s stunned eye’s he said” do you forget me so quickly? I am gone only a few years and I am no more to you,” Kasia staggered back it can’t be you? I put three bullets into your chest and you fell into the river and if not already dead then you surely drowned, I stood there for ages searching any last sign of you”. Kevin shook his head “after all we meant to each other you still believed that bastard Bronski over me?” Turning to Beata, “no harm to you miss, but your father is the biggest liar, and in my own humble opinion the worst two timing double, crossing bastard I ever had the sorry chance to meet, of course that is what keeps him so far head of his enemies and makes him so many friends in government” turning back to Kasia “he was speaking to you in your earwig as you shot me that night wasn’t he?” It was more of a statement than a question, Kasia bowed her head and answered very quietly. “Yes he was speaking to me as I shot you, he told me you had another concealed gun and that you were about to shoot me and take the briefcase” Tears had begun to form in Kasia’s eyes she reached forward to hug Kevin, but he backed away a step. Confused now Kasia looked again into his eyes and seen the deep hurt she knew she had put there by distrusting him that night on the jetty at the side of the river in Prague. “Kevin I’m so sorry will you ever forgive me”? There was the longest moment in Kasia’s life as Kevin’s near lifeless eyes stared back at her the question unanswered. It was Beata that broke the silence, “I think I hear the speedboat said Beata” to Kasia’s disappointment Kevin didn’t answer the question, but called to both the girls “come with me to the helicopter” Kasia felt she had been stabbed in the chest but in some ways understood Kevin’s reluctance to answer. From the top of the hill Kevin could see the speedboat making its way towards Cesme,if he had known about the partially ruptured fuel tank he would have followed Kasim to end the struggle there and then, but as it was the helicopter was just able to make the Greek mainland with very little reserve, a dipping in the sea no matter the condition sea not to be looked forward to and Kevin did not want to risk either his passengers or the heavy tote bag at his side. Kevin kept looking down at the bag as if he was worried it would disappear, the bag gave him a feeling of self-confidence, “tools of his trade” as he referred to them. Leaving the small Island of Antipsara behind them it didn’t take long to reach the small private landing strip on mainland Greece.

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