and as an afterthought he reached into the tote bag one last time and pulled out a small but deadly looking object and smiled as he stuffed into the shooting jacket he had worn especially for the occasion. With both Piotrek and the pilot busily engaged just below the deck of the motor cruiser neither of them heard the speedboat carrying Kasim until the last minute. Hakan reached for his hidden pistol, normally on assignment he would have carried a glock pistol but in this instance he had taken a Walther PPK with him, Kasim and his men were armed with the ubiquitous AK47 so loved throughout the Middle Eastern countries as the weapon of choice, unfortunately the ones Kasim had supplied were the Chinese manufactured copies, these although considerably cheaper than the original Russian originals were prone to misfire and block the reloading chamber causing many casualties for those firing the gun as the shell could go off in their face as they worked at reloading it. As it turned out only Kasim himself got off a serious of short bursts as the two boats closed with each other, the pilot being the only casualty, and then being wounded only in the knee, Piotrek threw himself on to the upper deck and began to return fire with his PPK, a lucky shot holed the speed boats fuel tank but ruptured it only, and let fuel spill out behind the boat in its wake totally unnoticed by Kasim’s crew. Kasim’s pilot veered off as Piotrek returned fire and both groups hunkered down ready for the next volley of fire, Piotrek was husbanding his ammunition as he only had one spare clip with him, whereas Kasim had heavier fire power and several reloads. Once again Kasim ordered the speedboat close to the motor cruiser and all of the weapons on his boat now fired as the men had successfully cleared the various obstructions that had impeded them for firing previously. A multitude of shells raked the motor cruiser and Piotrek’s pilot was the first casualty as he rose just above the side transom of the cruiser to return fire to Kasim’s crew. He had been killed outright with a burst of automatic fire from one of Kasim’s henchmen, Piotrek noted the Pilot’s courageous action, knowing the orders he had been given only to take little action in the face of the enemy. Piotrek presumed Kasia would hear the gunfire and take cover and if needs be hide on the island in the hope someone would come and rescue the girls, pinned down as he was, it was impossible to reach the radio to ask for help, walking some distance away and just around a small headland the girls didn’t hear the sounds of the gunfire until there was a lull in the screeching of the seagulls overhead, the birds being angry at having been disturbed by Kasia and Beata off their roosting sites, several of the birds dive bombed the girls and had them running in retreat until Kasia stumbling and falling to the sand called Beata to stop and listen, it was only then that Kasia recognised the unmistakeable sound of the AK47’s, unsure at first what to do, run to aid Piotrek or find a defensible position, Kasia opted for the later and pulled Beata up a small incline among some rocks, what she hadn’t thought of was escape she had blocked herself into the cliff base and had nowhere to run to, on reflection where was there to run to on such a small island? Kasim’s men would hunt until then eventually found and executed them where they found them, Kasia had no illusions about being taken prisoner and returned eventually to Bronski, Beata’s father, she knew both of them would be summarily shot where they were found and left to rot. Kasia’s first thought was Magic! What would happen to her son left on his own to be raised by foster or adopted parents, she was sure her ex-husband wouldn’t want to know as it would impede his lifestyle, and her parents were just verging on the too old to look after a small child, maybe then one of her brother’s would step in to the void and take up point position for Kasia and bring her son up in their own families.

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