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recalled to serve part 13

The final straw came late one night when they were sleeping and Kasim received a call which he took out of the room to the toilet. Both had used English to communicate and Kasia had heard one side of the conversation only. Both Kasia and Piotrek pricked up their attention at this and asked more details, making Beata remember things she had forgotten about the late night call. After debriefing Beata they suggested she should go and rest but stay away from windows etcetera in case anyone might catch a glimpse of her and inform Kasim of their whereabouts. Kasia and Piotrek sat talking over the few details Beata had given them. Beata seemed to think she caught the sound of a guttural accent Germanic in origin, but couldn’t be sure, there was some talk of supplying what Beata thought was a vast amount of chemical to Kasim, this was for him to contaminate something but she couldn’t tell what or where or even when. Piotrek took to writing a short report via email back to Warsaw central to whomever he reported to, and Kasia wasn’t so sure it was Bronski now. After rereading and sending his secure mail Piotrek got up and stretched and walked to the door overlooking the patio and the small bay beyond, looking out he saw a sport fishing boat coming near the bay, what attracted his attention was the fact one of the sportsmen appeared to be hunched down beside the gunwale of the boat and possibly pointing a high powered camera at the villa. Piotrek cursed and told Kasia to remain seated then explained what he thought he saw on the boat. Retiring upstairs Piotrek and Kasia kept an eye on the boat and both were positive even at a distance that a member of the group was taking photos of the villa and surrounding area. The photographer had just spotted a movement in the door way and snapped off a quick shot of Piotrek standing there it was grainy and just a little out of focus, but when he had sent the picture to Kasim via an on-board internet connection, Kasim had recognised Piotrek in an instant. Pulling out a map Kasim began planning an assault on the villa, but it became evident he would not have the resources to complete it due to the terrain and the amount of guards Hakan appeared to have at the villa, but Mutlu pointed out that there were only two ways to leave the villa apart from the open sea, one road east towards a small village that ran through an area that would be perfect for an ambush and the other road west towards the town and subsequently the main airport, in Mutlu’s opinion the most likely route the trio would take. Kasim hedged his bets he would use his contacts in the police force to watch the main airport road, then call in a support team from the next village to setup an ambush near the mountain pass. And finally he would take Hassan Mutlu and another on board a fast boat in case they tried to make a break by sea, as happy as he could be with the arrangements he sent Mutlu off to secure a fast speedboat in the marina and sat back and waited. Kasia, Piotrek and Hakan had been sitting drawing up a plan since the pair had come down from watching the group of fishermen anchored about one kilometre from the bay. An hour later a black range rover pulled out from the drive of the villa carrying two men in the front one a driver and two women in the rear and heading off at high speed eastward’s towards the next village and towards the ambush laid out by Kasim’s back up force of thug’s coming westward, thirty minutes later a similar range rover set up in exactly the same manner left the villa and went westward toward the town of Cesme and then to branch off to the highway to the airport. And finally with the sport boat gone now from the bay Kasia, Beata and Piotrek boarded a large motor cruiser Hakan had secreted near the little offshore island about three kilometres away, the range rovers all carried made up guards resembling the trio now boarding the motor cruiser. come down to the quayside to see them off, the boat Hakan assured them would be able to reach mainland Greece where his other operatives would meet them and get them to a small private airfield Hakan used quite often for more illicit purposes.

Recalled to Serve part 12

Kasim and Mutlu had borrowed a car and were speeding towards Hassan’s last know position, there hadn’t been any word from Hassan after Kasim’s call to him changing his orders and telling him to kill both the women. They eventually found him by dint of the fact there were 2 police cars and an ambulance sitting at the end of the alleyway where he had been concealed in ambush of the women. Mutlu had causally wandered over and had caught Hassan’s eye warning him to keep his mouth shut, Hassan knew that both Mutlu and Kasim had contacts in the local police force and it would not be too long until he was free, refusing treatment from the paramedic’s called to the scene of where he had been found, he was able to leave without police intervention after they asked him some basic information. Realising the police hadn’t mentioned the gun Hassan reported that he had in fact been the victim of a robbery and as he had not been carrying his wallet he reported it stolen, promising to come to the police station later that day when he had recovered to give a fuller statement. Kasim had been on the phone the whole time Mutlu was watching over Hassan and aiding him to the car. “I have called in help from some of our brothers from outlying areas to help locate the missing group” stated Kasim, letting Mutlu drive them off to search the town by car they were just about to turn off the main harbour road when Kasim shouted “wait! Let’s go back and check the harbour”. One of the local fishermen told Mutlu how he had noticed the group leave in an unknown to him boat and head out towards the islands, the fisherman was not pleased to receive such a small tip from Mutlu, but nonetheless accepted it, better something than nothing he grumbled as Mutlu walked away. Kasim began a search in detail coordinating everything from his home where Kasia and Beata had first met over the garden wall. Not knowing which way to go either follow out to the islands where few if any lived or search nearer town and up and down the coast. Deciding that the boat from the description the old fisherman gave didn’t have the endurance to last a crossing to the nearby Greek mainland, Kasim had his men search up and down the coast. It was several hours and lots of running around before Kasim could narrow the field of possible hiding places for the group, it wasn’t uncommon for some of the richest villas in the area to have security staff openly displayed to deter the local thieves. But Kasim and Mutlu had narrowed it down to two possible hiding places, one west of the town a well know racketeer from Istanbul and one east a man well known to Mutlu’s go between’s, Hakan! If it was anybody it was Hakan, Kasim had been sure of this from the first moment he had heard through local police that were in his pay that the property belonged to Hakan the dealer in all things from Istanbul. Kasim was positive this was the man who was sheltering the group, Beata now comfortable in Hakans Villa began telling Kasia and Piotrek on all of the details of initially her meeting with Kasim in Athens, and how he had talked her into moving in with him, then how things had progressed slowly to the point where she agreed to move to turkey and take up residence there, she explained how the Quran had at first made her dubious about the Islamic faith, but on being able to read it for herself and with the aid of Kasim and the old Imam’s teaching and lectures she had come to understand the faith in a different way, and now she understood how corrupted men had used the teachings in the wrong way to influence younger men to join jihadist groups throughout the world. She had even considered re-educating the youths she had met while with Kasim, but eventually having overheard some of Kasim’s conversations decided against it,

Recalled to serve, part 11

What Mutlu failed to mention was the fact that while standing in the storeroom Hassan had called Mutlu and set his ringtone off on the phone while he was holding it up to the air vent apparent to the booth the girls were sitting in. When Kasia heard the phone ringing behind the wall and just above them, she knew instinctively that someone had been recording the conversation, she signed to Beata to continue talking as if nothing had happened, taking a few more minutes the girl’s called for the bill and in plain English discussed where to go next for shopping. On hearing this conversation and understanding neither of the women seemed to have noticed he was there, Mutlu was a little happier and phoned Hassan to cut back a street or two towards town and pick the girls up there and to keep following them until he and or Kasim returned. Fortunately for Piotrek the bus he had jumped in was going directly towards the girls and he phoned to get an update from Kasia, they decided this was the time to make a run and Piotrek told Kasia to head down into the marina where Hakan had docked a boat for them just in case such an emergency should arise, Piotrek would be there first and have the boat running and ready for the women to board and make their escape. Kasia and Beata made their way towards the marina passing a few shops of no interest, unknown to them 2 sets of eyes had been watching them carefully, one belonged to Hassan who had decided to ignore Mutlu’s instructions, a call came over Hassan’s phone and his whole body demeanour changed, he crept along an alleyway way the girls would pass as they walked down the road towards the boating marina, taking a short gun out of his pocket he attached a large can silencer he had a friend make for to fit this gun, taking aim and waiting he never heard a footstep of the second watcher of the women coming up behind him, next thing he knew he was passing out as a gloved hand clamped over his mouth with some sort of rag in it. Kasim and Mutlu met at the rear of Mutlu’s uncle’s restaurant, calling the Polish waiter over Mutlu began playing the recording to the waiter. A feral gleam came to the waiter’s eye unmissed by Mutlu himself, “how much you pay for translation”? Asked the waiter knowing full well he would ask double whatever was offered. A sum was readily agreed and the waiter told them everything Kasim double checking by having taking the phone and playing it again to the waiter, when the waiter repeated nearly word for word the conversation as it was played the second time little did he know he had just signed his own death warrant. Standing behind the waiter as he greedily awaited his payment from Kasim, Mutlu withdrew a stiletto knife he always kept on his person, taking the waiter from behind and stabbing him through the heart with one stroke, the waiter never had a chance to even cry out. The pair secreted the body in the old storeroom intending to get rid of it later. Meanwhile Kasim phoned Hassan and told him of his new orders. Piotrek was standing at the side of the boat as the women reached the quayside, helping first Beata and then Kasia in to the boat and seating them Piotrek made off into the harbour, none of the party aware of either the eyes watching them from deep in the alley that Hassan was currently sleeping in, nor of the fact someone had intervened and saved at least the lives of the two women. The boat sped off towards the small outlying islands on what Piotrek hoped was a capricious and false route towards Hakans costal retreat and villa. It took just over an hour to reach Hakans villa on the coast just east of Cesme, Hakans dockside guards were expecting them and when they were all in the villa and could relax Hakan put in an appearance in person, “welcome Beata Bronska”, saying Beata’s family name in the correct grammar being ska other than ski like her father. Kasia smiled lying back in her comfortable wicker chair and looking up at Hakan, “I should have known you would know more than you were telling us” semi accusing Hakan of holding back information, but amused by the fact that he did know who it was as a guest in his home.

Recalled to serve part 10

Mutlu could see neither he nor Hassan would look like they belonged in such a place so Mutlu ordered Hassan to go back the way they had come while Mutlu would enter via the back door in the hope he could see what was happening inside the restaurant. As it turned out Mutlu entered a storeroom at the back of the kitchens which had an air vent into the booth the women were sitting in. Mutlu took out his mobile phone and began recording what Beata was just starting to talk about. Beata sat down at the table and began telling Kasia how it had all happened, and how she was now convinced that Kasim had selected her because of her father and his connections in government or even further afield. Beata went on to say the questions asked so far had been of no major significance but Beata could tell they were leading up to more and more significant ones. Mutlu standing just the other side of the wall knew but the intonation of the conversation that something important had been discussed even if he did not know what it was that had actually been said. The short but very informative video presentation about the castle and its middle age crusaders had finished and the lights in the small theatre had come on signifying that everyone should leave the auditorium, Kasim rose from his seat with the intention of letting Piotrek leave before him but as it turned out Piotrek had been further down the cinema and there was quite a queue in front of him, Kasim had no choice but to leave and hope he would pick Piotrek up again outside. Piotrek held back as much as he could and when he was sure Kasim had left the room, Piotrek doubled back and ran across the base floor of the cinema and exited through an emergency door he had spotted on entering. Making his way down the small hill and using the cinema as cover, Piotrek slipped out the postern gate he had seen in the video of the castle. Carefully making his way around the castle base line walls Piotrek climbed into one of the tour busses completely unnoticed by anyone. Meanwhile Kasim was frantically searching the faces of the party exiting the cinema to no avail, there was no sign of Piotrek. Cursing his bad luck at losing him Kasim walked down the trail towards town in the vain hope he could pick up some sign of Piotrek, he was pretty sure Piotrek had just got lost in the crowd. It was then Kasim saw the driver of a taxi at the bottom of the hill using his mobile phone, Kasim switched his on to discover several missed calls from Mutlu. Something must have happened for Mutlu to call, panicked now Kasim returned the call to hear Mutlu explain how he had recorded the conversation between the women, and how he felt something important was said between them. Kasim congratulated Mutlu for his ingenuity in using the phone and told him to meet with him at his uncle’s restaurant in the town centre, both knew Mutlu’s uncle had a Polish waiter on staff there. What Mutlu failed to mention was the fact that while standing in the storeroom Hassan had called Mutlu and set his ringtone off on the phone while he was holding it up to the air vent apparent to the booth the girls were sitting in. When Kasia heard the phone ringing behind the wall and just above them, she knew instinctively that someone had been recording the conversation, she signed to Beata to continue talking as if nothing had happened, taking a few more minutes the girl’s called for the bill and in plain English discussed where to go next for shopping. On hearing this conversation and understanding neither of the women seemed to have noticed he was there, Mutlu was a little happier and phoned Hassan to cut back a street or two towards town and pick the girls up there and to keep following them until he and or Kasim returned. Fortunately for Piotrek the bus he had jumped in was going directly towards the girls and he phoned to get an update from Kasia, they decided this was the time to make a run and Piotrek told Kasia to head down into the marina where Hakan had docked a boat for them just in case such an emergency should arise, Piotrek would be there first and have the boat running and ready for the women to board and make their escape. Kasia and Beata made their way towards the marina passing a few shops of no interest, unknown to them 2 sets of eyes had been watching them carefully, one belonged to Hassan who had decided to ignore Mutlu’s instructions, a call came over Hassan’s phone and his whole body demeanour changed, he crept along an alleyway way the girls would pass as they walked down the road towards the boating marina, taking a short gun out of his pocket he attached a large can silencer he had a friend make for to fit this gun, taking aim and waiting he never heard a footstep of the second watcher of the women coming up behind him, next thing he knew he was passing out as a gloved hand clamped over his mouth with some sort of rag in it.

recalled to serve part 9

Beata went on to explain that her dream had been to live near the sea, and when she found a town not so far from Belfast in county Antrim that was right beside the sea it was ideal, now the problem would be convincing Kasim to move there. Kasia asked why Kasim might be uncomfortable there in a nonchalant manner as if it wasn’t really that important a subject and Beata told her that although Kasim was also university educated he hadn’t yet found any actual work other than a few days in his friend’s father’s restaurant. Kasia’s ears pricked up Kasim working? So it appeared he didn’t have access to large funds and had to occasionally top up his finances, this was to Kasia good news it meant the group couldn’t get up to too much trouble and would remain more of a nuisance value than anything else. The girls ordered a cooling sherbet each and settled down to chat the usual girlish things as women often do, after half an hour Beata suggested they go shopping and spend the money Kasim had given her, Kasia readily agreed and off they went on a shopping tour of the town. Kasia made surreptitious glances around watching for the pair that would undoubtedly follow them from the café, all the time seemingly browsing various shops as the pair meandered down the street towards the town centre chatting back and forth as they went. Kasia wasn’t long picking them out of the people walking the streets, to her they stuck out like bad fruit in a basket. Kasim had replaced Mutlu just in time for Mutlu to join Hassan as he left the house to follow the girls on their shopping trip, Mutlu was not impressed at having to follow the women shopping he was as sure as Hassan the whole exercise was a complete waste of time, the couple were just what they seemed, a tourist couple that just happened to meet Beata by accident. Kasim followed Piotrek into the small visitor theatre that presented a short video film about the history of the castle and surrounding area, Kasim was not happy about the theatre, he was concerned he would lose Piotrek in there somewhere, but as it turned out he was seated a few rows behind Piotrek and he was positive Piotrek had no idea he was there or that he had any interest in him, had Kasim known how wrong he was about Piotrek then he would really have been worried and on his way back to pick up Beata right away. Kasia turned to Beata to show her a skirt she had found and could see the pair of followers were well out of earshot. As Kasia turned to speak to Beata knowing the pair of followers couldn’t hear her above the din of the street, Beata spoke first “well what’s the plan”? Asked Beata. Stunned and not sure what Beata had meant she was just about to lay out a simple shopping spree? When the look on Beata’s face said it all, Kasai asked her “how did you know”? Beata smiled “when I was younger me and my brother used to crawl to the edge of the stairs when dad had his private nights with friends or when important people would come to our home in Warsaw, I seen you there many times at various functions, I couldn’t believe it at first when I glanced over the wall, but then you gave me an excellent excuse to speak to you and your partner and the rest you know. Here I am out walking with you and reasonably free and for sure ready to go home”. Kasia couldn’t have been more surprised but kept it to herself in case the pair following caught on to something being different. Looking now directly at Beata she said “let’s go this way” and started walking towards the harbour away from the shops and towards an expensive looking restaurant at the end of the Quay, of course Beata’s two lapdogs followed along just out of earshot of the couple. This was frustrating Mutlu no end he had hoped to get close enough to overhear some of the women’s conversation , but it was Hassan the told him it was pointless to close the gap as the women would be chatting in Polish more than likely and as neither of them understood a word there really was no point to it. Kasia and Beata entered the restaurant and took a booth near the rear wall of the premises so they could better monitor anyone coming or going.

recalled to serve part 8

As the pair of followers watched with interest the apparent argument between the couple it was obvious they were going to split up and go different ways, Mutlu was glad he had decided to bring Hassan along on this tedious journey. As Mutlu had thought the man walked off in the direction of the castle, and the woman had meandered down the street stopping regularly to browse the shops, Mutlu put Hassan to watching her, and instructed him if anything went wrong to call him on the mobile phone immediately. Mutlu waited just enough to give Piotrek a good head start as he was sure of where Piotrek was heading. Hassan was having a harder time with the amount of times Kasia stopped to browse the shops looking in the window of nearly every shop she passed, Hassan was cursing his luck having to follow Kasia, and unknown to him Mutlu had thought this out and was taking the easier mark to follow. Kasia casually strolled on towards the general direction of the café she had met the young girl at. Piotrek had arranged to meet Kasia for something to eat about 17.00 at this same café. Kasia had just passed by the entrance to the alleyway to the café and walked on like she had no intention of entering, then as if she had just realised the alleyway was there she walked back and entered the alleyway walking up the lane slowly she entered the café area and sat In the same seat she had occupied previously. Kasia had nearly given up waiting but making a show of checking her watch and looking down the lane as if watching for her husband, so it did come as a surprise when the young woman sat down beside her and introduced herself as Beata from Warsaw. When Hassan had followed Kasia to the café he entered the house opposite and disappeared, Kasia was enthralled that the girl had kept the appointment all be it a little late, but that was a woman’s prerogative. While Kasia and Beata were becoming fast friends both Hassan and Kasim were discretely watching from behind curtains, Hassan remarked that he was sure the couple were nothing special just ordinary tourists, Kasim did not seem so convinced, he was still wary of the couple, even though Hassan had told him about the apparent argument about where they were each going to go, and how randomly Kasia had passed the street end below then only at the last minute came back to walk up to the café. Both Kasia and Piotrek were not sure what Kasim looked like as he didn’t even have a description posted in any of the intelligence communities throughout both Europe and the USA. It was Kasim’s suggestion to Beata to go out and he told her perhaps she should dress western style as it would draw less attention, a lot of tourists seemed to take pictures of typically dressed Islamic women in their burkas. And from his vantage point here in the house he would be able to watch the interaction between the women across the street. Hassan called Mutlu to check his whereabouts and was told that he was at the castle on the tourist trail following Piotrek, Kasim didn’t think the women were going to be any trouble he would call Mutlu back to assist Hassan in watching the two women then even if they split up he would still have a set of eyes on both of them. Kasim headed off to meet Mutlu to relieve him from watching Piotrek. Beata hadn’t changed the story she originally told Kasia, nor had she elaborated on it any way, which made Kasia all the more positive there was something yet to be revealed. Beata had explained how her partner Kasim had given her money to go out today and enjoy herself in the company of the Polish couple she had met this morning, saying it might help to relieve any homesickness she might be feeling if she had company and language of Polish people for a while, it struck Kasia as strange that the girl hadn’t mentioned telling her partner about the impromptu meeting earlier, but that her partner Kasim was aware of it did not go unnoticed by Kasia. Beata went on to explain how her plan had been to come live in Turkey and become acclimatised to Turkish and Islamic customs, then slowly to work Kasim round to the idea on moving to Europe, she explained how her dream was to live and work in London initially then if it was possible to move to Ireland and live in or near the capital of northern Ireland Belfast.

Recalled to serve part 7

Keeping the two watchers in sight the spoke of the internary for the afternoon knowing as they spoke in English for the watchers sake, and that they were listening to every word. Piotrek suggested they return to the Hotel with the boat, and then they should take one of the short cruises around the island in a real life Gulet. Kasia lazily agreed like it was of little interest to her but agreed never the less. So returning to the hotel Kasia and Piotrek made a short refreshing shower and a change of clothes before coming out in the afternoon sun, both of them sported wide brim hats Piotrek’s being of the fedora variety much loved in that area, and of course Kasia was not to be out done, dressed all in white the colour chosen for its reflective properties that would help Kasia remain cool even in that hot afternoon sun. The pair marched arm in arm out of the hotel and headed off strolling towards the harbour in general. With near perfect timing Kasia and Piotrek arrived at the harbour just before a Gulet was set to go off around the few nearby islands on a short afternoon tour. The timing of the tour would make it near perfect for Kasia and Piotrek to return to the café in the side street and hopefully meet with the young woman again. Makin their way on-board the Gulet just before sailing was perfect the two would be followers would now have to give their hand away by rushing forward and buying tickets to board or sitting and watching them disappear for the afternoon, as it turned out the latter was true, they sat at the far end of the dock just conspicuous enough to be noticeable, Kasia gaily remarked that if they were caught it wouldn’t be because of the actions of the two goons that were following them. Piotrek didn’t seem much amused and turned solemnly to Kasia and said “be careful mortal, pride goes before a fall” saying no more Piotrek sat back and began to enjoy the afternoon run on the boat seated as they were under an awning with the cool sea breeze all around them, Kasia had sat back dutifully chastised and rethought her words, thinking now he thinks me a fool and above myself, Kasia could have kicked herself. Piotrek had spotted the heavier set of the two goons with a mobile phone to his ear, presumably getting instructions on what to do regarding them, as the Gulet backed away from the pier Piotrek watched as the pair on the jetty made their way to a harbour side café, again Piotrek presumed they had settled down to await the return of the Gulet. Having changed into a swimming costume at the hotel Kasia took advantage of the short stop the Gulet had made for to serve refreshments to its passengers, diving into the crystal clear Mediterranean Riviera waters, it had been both enjoyable and refreshing to have the quick swim, after drying off and dressing Kasia and Piotrek sat making plans about what to do in the eventuality it was the girl they were looking for at the café, satisfied the had covered all eventualities they sat back with non-alcoholic drinks and enjoyed the ride home. Uneventful and calm as the seas had been Piotrek was glad to be back on dry land for sure he was no sailor where Kasia had enjoyed the few little bits of turbulence out on the open waters, she had quickly gained her sea legs. It was Kasia that had first spotted the pair of followers one had been sitting at the end of the main pier and entrance to the harbour, watching for the Gulet’s return, but they had rounded the headland so quick the first watcher had nowhere to hide and he wasn’t going to try to give himself away by running off the pier, the second character took a minute to find among the dockside people milling around, he had moved a little way away from the café they had been sitting at when the Gulet had left, but now he stood out from the crowd like a sore thumb, Kasia looked away after a casual glance towards him. “Let’s take them on a little tour before going to the café” suggested Kasia, so they rambled this way and that with no set direction but all the time getting closer to the café they had met the young girl from over the wall at. Coming back to the main waterfront byway Piotrek stopped and took out a pocket sized tourist map of the town and began pointing up towards the Castle on the hill overlooking the harbour, a relic from the crusader invasions of long ago.

recalled to serve part 5

The rest of the journey passed quickly after a mid-day meal stop in Usak a town about two thirds of the way to Cesme from Istanbul. It had been a ten hour journey by car on Turkish roads and Kasia had been more than happy with the meal stop, and had used quite a bit of it to freshen up after sitting in the car even with the air conditioning blowing for all it was worth. Eventually they reached the five star Hotel Altin Yunus. After check in both of them dropped off to sleep, only Piotrek woke later to make a check in with the Istanbul office as per instructions. The next morning after a beautiful breakfast on the hotels balcony overlooking the Mediterranean, they set off sightseeing around Cesme, they found a small café in a narrow side street and sat down to have a mid-morning break from their travels and gift buying like any tourist would. Which was just co-incidentally 50 metres away from the front door of the house they wanted to survey. “I doubt very much they have ‘Ears’ in the street, but we can only sit here so long before we become more than coffee tourists” Kasia stood up pulling out of her handbag a sheer scarf she had purchased from a street vendor on the way to the café. She started describing the various features of the house to Piotrek in Polish as she was sure no one would know what they were talking about, and Piotrek’s photographic memory would recall every detail Kasia described to him, to anyone watching from across the street at the house it would appear she was no more than showing off her pride in her new purchase to her husband. This had been the best vantage point they could manage under the circumstances, and so far it had paid off, Kasia had spotted two ‘names’ going into the house. Without actually naming them she told Piotrek who they were, one of the pair was a real catch as he was believed to be the number two to Kasim himself, his name was Mutlu Kasia recalled. A particularly vicious character with a knife when it came to being Kasim’s enforcer. Kasia had hoped to catch sight of a female coming or going from the property, but so far no luck. Where the couple had chosen to sit faced the rear of the home across the road, and Piotrek was seated in a better position to see this side of the property. He gently tapped Kasia on the foot to indicate something was happening in the rear, a door opened and a female came out carrying a basket with clothes to the small courtyard, but Piotrek couldn’t identify her as she was covered head to foot in a Burka, the typical female Islamic dress, In Polish Kasia verbally launched into Piotrek, “What’s wrong with my new scarf?” just as Kasia had finished her tirade a swarthy heavy set male came to the back door, in near perfect English he spoke to the girl informing her he was leaving for a short time with his two friends that had arrived. The girl replied in English but studied with an accent, “I will have lunch ready for you when you return my darling, between one and two o’clock” The face smiled and said dziekuje kochanie, and then disappeared from the door as it closed, When the man had gone the female stopped her chores to watch the couple and listen to what Kasia was saying. The banter between the couple was obviously good humoured and the husband was just as obviously teasing the woman who stood opposite him, Kasia nearly choked when the young girl judging from her voice spoke perfect Polish, “let the lady enjoy her purchase, after all you did pay for it didn’t you?” This was aimed at Piotrek. Apparently stunned the couple turned towards the girl leaning over the wall. It was Kasia that spoke, “Oh my God you speak Polish?” as much a question as a statement of fact. As Kasia gave the girl a brimming smile, The girl said she had met a local guy while on holiday and he had convinced her to stay and take up her studies here, and she had taken an interest in the Islamic religion after having spoken at some length with her man’s family, so she had begun her studies into the Qur’an and as they could see she had also adopted Islamic the dress code for a female. Kasia the more talkative of the two tried to keep the conversation going in the vain hope the young girl would lift her veil and show her face so they could confirm it was actually Beata they were speaking to. But just as suddenly as before the back door opened and an older woman poked her head out speaking to the girl in broken English, “have you finished your chores yet?” the young girl bowed her head slightly and replied she hadn’t, but just as quick she introduced the couple beyond the wall as Polish and explained to Kasia and Piotrek that this was her partners mother

Recalled to serve part four

Piotrek took Kasia in his arms and gave her such a tight squeeze while kissing her on both cheeks, the breath squeezed out of her Kasia stumbled back nearly falling over a small occasional table. Gasping for air Kasia asked Piotrek “what? How? Why? When?” Hakan turned and spoke to his guards and nodded to Piotrek and turned and left them both alone. Piotrek sat down and indicated the seat next to him, Kasia sat opposite Piotrek so she could better gauge his body language. “Kasia I am the bearer of bad tidings for you, you are being led up the garden path! Let me explain, Bronski has conned you, it is his daughter that’s caught up in this, but she is not as he told you a dupe in all this, she is working directly for him. She met kasim in Athens’s Greece while she was studying there and genuinely took an interest in him, Bronski found out as he was keeping an eye on her surreptitiously via his operatives in that area. All he originally wanted her to do was report what she saw and heard but the girl decided to go further with it unknown to her father, to gain Kasim’s trust she agreed to convert to Islam and to do this she was to attend a Mullah in Istanbul, And here is where it all began to go wrong for Bronski, first she was unofficially there and in no way working for the department, so Bronski couldn’t reach out and grab her using our local operatives, he either had to cut her free and ignore her, something nearly impossible for a doting father, or he had to hire an outside operative namely yourself, you should know he approached both Darek Jabowlonski and also the Sadowski twins but none of them wanted to know, because of the Islamic connections. So stage left and enter Kasia, he played you if he’s caught he will lose everything and more than likely the girl will at the least disappear if not been killed, all of this to protect Kasim who just happens to be directly connected to the Saudi royal family, he is a regular visitor there, he has been on the radar for some time but we only took an active interest recently when it appeared he had constructed a small terrorist cell made up mainly from friends and acquaintances, most of what he has undertaken so far has been nuisance value, unconfirmed threats to various government’s but no actual operations, What worried Bronski, was a report from Athens that Kasim had been searching for Islamic chemical seniors around the university campus. This suggested his cell was preparing to move up the terrorist scale”. Kasia was stunned by all she had heard, that Bronski had duped her rather than telling her the truth was like a slap in the face to her.

Hakan had told them the girl was currently residing in a house in Cesme in a town about hallway down Turkey on the Mediterranean coast. Piotrek explained the best thing was for the pair of them to team up as “Husband and Wife” for cover stories. Hakan explained he intended to drive down to Cesme where he kept a modest villa and take them as guests, Kasia broke in at this point, “not a good idea as you’re quite well known throughout Turkey Hakan. No offence but it would be best if we just hired a car and drove down under our own cover, and if needs be we can run to you if were desperate or our covers are blown.” Piotrek and Hakan looked at each other and agreed with Kasia’s plan it seemed more sensible. The “Couple spent the day relaxing at Hakans black sea villa and Hakan arranged a hire car for them to depart the very next morning early. The journey the next day was pretty uneventful and Kasia and Piotrek chatted about old times. Then Kasia asked “Why did he send you?” Piotrek momentarily took his eyes of the road to glance at Kasia, “Well there’s several reason, not the least of which is we have worked together before, two Bronski trusts me as much as he can be said to trust anyone, and three I am to take over as head of directorate in Istanbul when this is all over”.

Recalled to serve , part 3

Happy that Magic was in the personal care of Kinga Bronski, Kasia’s mind was a little more settled as she headed for Modlin Airport and her first flight to Bulgaria, then a change and fly on to Istanbul where she would begin her mission for real.
Kasia had never really cared for the Bulgarian’s she had met while on active duty they seemed brutish and overbearing, but the contact Bronski had supplied was nothing like what she was used to, he seemed quite sophisticated and to enhance matters he was quite good looking, her amorous thought s died as they drove to a safe house in the capital Sophia, Genu told Kasia he was not too happy at having to spend the night away from his wife and their new daughter, but work was work and he would fulfil his job as best he could.
Kasia could hardly sleep, thinking as she was about how to broach the subject of Muslim jihadists with her best contact in Istanbul, Hakan had many resources and best of all was the trade he dealt in. Diamonds, he was the main buyer seller in Turkey, and all sides knew he regularly dealt with the less unseemly elements of society, but he had a trade of. This was information about many people and many things that were happening worldwide, of course it was more valuable than the diamond’s themselves to the right buyer. But as Kasia well knew it worked both ways for and against government’s.
Landing early morning in Ataturk airport, Hakans chauffer Mehmet who she remembered well was there to meet Kasia from the arrival terminal. “Good morning miss I am to take you to Taras Yazlik, where Mr Hakan is currently residing owing to a recent and tragic misfortune with his other home on the Bosporus. “ With that Kasia entered the car and relaxed on the one hour drive to Taras Yazlik. Hakan was a well-built stocky man he and Kasia had met many years before when Kasia had to take refuge in his town centre shop trying to avoid a pair of western European agents tracking her movements. Hakan had sized the situation up in a moment and as Kasia was such a good looking girl and he had no idea who was tracking her or for what reason they were indeed following her his sympathies went to her. Kasia spent nearly a week as the guest of Hakan in his home just outside Istanbul, she recalled it as a most pleasant memory, and she had been waited on hand and foot by both Hakan himself and his staff at the house. A strange relationship had grown between them more than friends but less than lovers. But each had their own secrets to hold and realised neither could live in the others world. Now Kasia was returning to Hakan after an absence of 6 years, how would the relationship stand up? Would he help? Could he help? Kashia’s mind was in turmoil what could she do? At this point in time she had no actual plan, mainly because she was going in blind, she didn’t know the full extent of the girls involvement with the group nor whether or not she had in fact developed a relationship with her captors, so many variable’s to be accounted for and none of them known yet, the old adage came to her and had served well in the past” Play it by ear, run with the hounds”
Kasia arrived at the villa, as she got out of the limo Hakan came from the house to meet her hands outstretched before him and smiling. Kasia never noticed the shadowy figure at the bell tower window high above, the figure stayed cast in shadow high above watching carefully the by play between Kasia and Hakan. Entering the hallway of the magnificent house Kasia was surprised at the splendour of it all, “it’s not like you to be so ostentatious” remarked Kasia. Sitting on the veranda at the rear of the villa both Kasia and Hakan were savouring the chilled fruit cocktails the waiter had served them. “Ok Kasia what’s the reason you’re here? You’re looking for something and I don’t think it’s just to see me”. Kasia smiled your right of course, I need information, but you have spoiled the whole plan now”. Kasia sat back with a teasing smile on her lips as she let the short dress she was wearing ride up her thigh slightly. “I had planned to seduce you later and afterwards with a little pillow talk tease the information out of you” laughing Kasia stood up walked over to Hakan taking his head in both her hands and kissed him lightly on the lips, “now see what you missed “ she purred quietly in his ear. Hakan gave out a roar with laughter that surprised and stunned Kasia. “How I dreamed of having you in my bed Kasia, since that first day you walked into my shop. But I have more sense than to think it would ever happen, I know you a lot better than you think, so out with it lets get down to business. What are you really looking for”? Kasia looked warily at Hakan, somehow he knew already why she was here. “I’m looking for a lost tourist” she replied “ an old friends daughter came here on holiday and went missing, my friend is long time retired from the service and asked me if I could look into it for him, probably caught up in one of those notorious drug gangs and raped I imagine, and I know you have contacts and might be able to steer me towards her” Hakan sat further back in the chair appraising Kasia with one of his stares, the very type of stare Kasia had become weary of, the one that seemed to say you have just lied to me. Kasia had to brazen it out and stared just as hard back at him, Hakan broke into laughter again, “so it’s nothing then to do with the head of the directorates daughter being kidnapped by a fanatical Muslim terrorist group that are trying to blackmail her father”? Kasia shouldn’t have shown the surprise that was written all over her face, but she couldn’t help blurting out, “how in hell did you know”? Smiling Hakan nodded to one of his security team that were always present. “I think you should meet my other house guest Kasia”. Standing where she was with the sun in her face she couldn’t see into the shadow of the doorway, the shadow emerging from the doorway was obviously a male, from what she could see he was quite tall and well built, hmmm someone that works out and keeps himself in good shape thought Kasia. If Kasia had been surprised before then now she was totally flabbergasted, directly in front of her now was Piotrek! Kasia couldn’t contain her surprise “Piotrek what in the name of god are you doing here”?